Ultimate Security Solutions for your Linux servers

cPGuard detects and blocks viruses, Symbolik links, Suspicious patterns, brute force attacks and more. We use smart real-time analytics to stop threats before they affect the server.

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cPGuard - A Complete server security suite.

cPGuard is an essential security addon for web hosting servers to help administrators to fight against malware threats and injections. We started developing cPGuard with the aim to provide a cost efficient yet useful security suite for cPanel/Linux Servers. We have carefully crafted each of its components to make sure that the system will be useful and affordable for server owners/admins.

Features of cPGuard

cPGuard is a security suite that helps to make your server admin tasks easier and fight against attacks. The software is closely integrated with cPanel with many exciting features to manage your security options.

Lightweight protection

Comprehensive protection with intelligent threat-detection, Symbolic link and suspicious pattern recognition.

Real-time attack blocking

Integrates all the advanced networking protection controls and rules to keep your server secure and compliant.

Server Reputation

IP reputation check against RBL server. Domain reputation checks.

Commercial WAF Rules

Commercial ModSecurity Rules for use it ModSecurity or compatible Web Application Firewalls

Highly Configurable

Easy and advanced settings allow you configure cPGuard without use of command line.

Lowest cost per month

Competitive pricing that doesn't compromise quality, functionality or performance.

Get 15 days free trial

Feel free to try cPGuard before you make a purchase. Enjoy all features for 15 days without payment or any other hidden charges and contracts. Using email only action for detections allow you to use cPGuard without affecting files on your server during the trial.

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what people are saying

cPGuard has gained excellent feedback from our supporters during our test run on their servers .

I’ve been using cpguard for some time and found it run nicely on my server without using up much resource. Nice job.


Server admin

The UI for your software - amazing.
Neat email alerts and reports.. Great work guys. Can't say enough good things!


Server owner

Excellent work!. I run your software on both my servers. You can be the best product on the market, All the best!.


Server admin

our pricing

cPGuard offers better and faster protection to your server than the competition at a lower cost per month than any other provider.


$6 /per month

  • 50 cPanel Accounts only
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Full Support
  • cPanel required
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$11 /per month

  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Full Support
  • cPanel required
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