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Security solution for your Linux web hosting server.

Antivirus, Automatic malware cleanup, WAF, CMS vulnerabilities and threat mitigation, Firewall with Abusive IP blocklist (IPDB), Domain & IP reputation and more with a single portal/UI for all your servers.

you deserve - Simple, affordable & powerful

Find malware, protect CMS

Find malwares, protect CMS

Fast, powerful antivirus with auto cleanup of malicious injections & WordPress or other CMS core files.

Block hacks, bruteforce & bots

Block hacks, brute force & bots

Advanced WAF & real-time abusive IP blacklist to block intruders. Load reduction with offsite bot captcha.

Easy management & optimization

Easy management & optimization

A centralized UI to manage all your servers, view reports & configure various modules and features.

Trusted by prominent web hosting companies worldwide

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“CWG has been working with cPGuard for over 3 years, since we learned about the solution we have found a product of extreme quality, providing what is needed to protect your web server, and an impeccable support team that is always willing to help, That's why CWG chose OPSSHIELD as a partner for security solutions.”

Lucas Moraes

Big or small,
grow with cPGuard

  • cPGuard
  • cPGuard Lite

The Complete Protection Package

  • Centralized UI Portal or control center to quickly view and easily manage your hundreds of individual servers from a single place
  • Fast malware scanner that monitors file changes. Automatically cleans injections from infected files or CMS core files preventing the website from going down
  • Powerful ModSecurity Web Application Firewall rules that prevent hackers from exploiting generic vulnerabilities of your code
  • Bruteforce and Bot attack protection. Reduce server load by preventing malicious bots from wasting your server CPU and other resources
  • Realtime Abusive IP blocklist (IPDB) firewall that blocks requests from known abusive IPs before reaching your web server

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cPGuard webserver security dashboard

A Lite version of cPGuard

  • Realtime Antivirus thats monitors file changes. Automatically cleans injections from infected files or CMS core files preventing the website from going down
  • Realtime Abusive IP blocklist (IPDB) helps reduce server load by blocking requests from known abusive IPs before reaching your webserver
  • Custom scans and Reports Easily start manual scans and view detailed reports and virus descriptions in the cPGUard Lite Manual scan Reports page.
  • Lowest Cost Per Month Integrates all the advanced networking protection controls and rules to keep your server secure and compliant. page.

more features

cPGuard lite daashboard page

Uncomplicate server security

cPGuard is for you if you are a hosting company providing VPS or shared hosting servers or a small business owning a server/VPS with or without a control panel. Save server admin time by streamlining security setup and management.

Enterprise-grade security.
Startup-friendly prices.


Malicious Files Detected

in 30 days


Abusive Requests Blocked

in 30 days


Web Attacks Stopped

in 30 Days


Websites Protected


Faster Manual Scans

Central dashboard

View and manage all your servers from a single place

Manage all your servers from a single interface, easily switch between servers, view server details, reports, events, change settings & do bulk actions. Easily add & share the server with other users.

cPGuard central dashboard portal