Experience Seamless Security: Securing Your Digital Sanctuary with cPGuard's Effortless Precision!

Unlock unparalleled protection for your digital realm with cPGuard—the epitome of hassle-free security. Our foolproof plan ensures your hosting environment stays shielded, and here's the clincher: hosting companies can now enjoy top-tier defense at an unbeatable price. Elevate your security game without breaking the bank—because safeguarding should be both powerful and affordable!

Preferred by Leading Hosting Companies Worldwide

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Is cPGuard Right for Your Hosting Company?

Experience the next level of protection with cPGuard, empowering your hosting company against digital threats.

"I’ve been an early adopter of the cPGuard security plugin for WHM/cPanel,and I have to say I am very impressed. Their support has been superb on the two occasions where I had questions. Their control panel is highly intuitive and is tightly integrated with cPanel. I recommend this product."

Chuck Gregory

CWG Services
Best Security for hosting

you deserve - Simple, affordable & powerful

Find malwares, protect CMS

Fast, powerfull antivirus with auto cleanup of malicious injections & Wordpress or other CMS core files.

Block hacks, bruteforce & bots

Advanced WAF & realtime abusive IP blacklist to block intruders. Load reduction with offsite bot captcha.

Easy management & optimization

A centralized UI to manage all your servers, view reports & configure various modules and features.

Elevate Your Hosting Security: Unlock Unrivaled Protection with cPGuard!

Cybersecurity excellence meets unparalleled features with cPGuard, your hosting company's ultimate shield. Enjoy advanced threat defense, real-time monitoring, and automated security alerts for swift responses to potential risks. With intrusion detection and prevention, resource optimization, and a user-friendly interface, cPGuard empowers you to fortify your hosting environment effortlessly. Customizable security policies cater to your unique needs, while regular updates ensure you stay ahead of evolving threats. Elevate your hosting security with cPGuard and experience a new level of protection against digital adversaries.

New to cPGuard? No Worries, We've Got You Covered.

The cPGuard Quick Start Guide: Your Essential Resource for Mastering Advanced Hosting Security. Dive into our crash course to explore the ins and outs of cPGuard—your key to robust protection and streamlined hosting management. Learn the essentials of our user interface, fundamental security measures, and industry best practices. Empower yourself with the knowledge to safeguard your hosting environment effectively and effortlessly.