cPGuard reCaptcha Protection

Protect your CMS /web apps login or critical urls from bots and scripts with cPGuard captcha protection. Leveraging advanced risk analysis techniques, it effectively distinguishes between humans and bots, allowing valid users to pass through seamlessly.

Protect your CMS /web apps login with captcha

Why captcha?

Almost all WordPress websites receive a large number automated POST requests to wp-login from bots at regular intervals, sometimes originating from different IP’s each time. The web is full of such bad bots that slowly and steadily perform brute-force/ dictionary attacks on your CMS website and applications. Newly compromised servers are then added to the bots collection of servers for performing further attacks on other websites without the knowledge of the server admin. These attacks are mostly slow and highly distributed that brute-force protection applications cant prevent them without false positives

Automated captcha protection for your CMS /web apps login
Block bad bots & scripts

cPGuard reCaptcha automatically protects a set of pre-defined URLs, such as the WordPress login , Joomla login, etc., which are commonly targeted in various attacks.

Reduce Server Load
Reduce Server Load

All user requests are intercepted and forwarded to our robust servers that run all heavy logic reducing load on your server.

End User Friendly Interface
End User Friendly

It decides whether the user is a bot or human without providing challenges to complete or requiring user interactions .

Protect the user-defined list of URLs
Added Security

Protect the user-defined list of URLs against a wide range of automated brute force, dictionary, and other attacks from bad bots.

We protect your CMS and website login pages from bad bots, brute-force and captcha attacks

Drastically reduce server load with our offsite captcha system which prevent bad bots from accessing you wordpress and other CMS login pages

Step 1

All requests to wp-admin and other CMS or custom web app login pages are intercepted and redirected to our robust captcha servers.

Step 2

Captcha servers accept and verify requests sent from both humans and bots, as well as automated scripts.

Step 3

All valid human requests are automatically redirected to the requested login page after successful verification.Upon multiple failed attempts, the IP is added to our real-time blacklist, effectively reducing server load caused by these unwanted bad bots.

What is cPGuard?

cPGuard is a comprehensive security suite that can help to protect your web server from a variety of threats. It offers a variety of features to safeguard against malware, hacking attempts and other threats.

Find malware, protect CMS

Find malwares, protect CMS

Fast, powerful antivirus with auto cleanup of malicious injections & WordPress or other CMS core files.

Block hacks, bruteforce & bots

Block hacks, brute force & bots

Advanced WAF & real-time abusive IP blacklist to block intruders. Load reduction with offsite bot captcha.

Easy management & optimization

Easy management & optimization

A centralized UI to manage all your servers, view reports & configure various modules and features.

Trusted by prominent web hosting companies worldwide

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“I’ve been an early adopter of the cPGuard security plugin for WHM/cPanel,and I have to say I am very impressed. Their support has been superb on the two occasions where I had questions. Their control panel is highly intuitive and is tightly integrated with cPanel. I recommend this product.”

Chuck Gregory
CWG Services