cPGuard is more than just an antivirus. It is a complete security package for your web apps running on Plesk
Now Available for Plesk
$6 /month for a single server
Our Light, fast yet powerful immune system now available for Plesk

cPGuard security addon for Plesk is a lightweight, quick and powerful tool that makes life easy for web hosting companies. Our multi-layer defense system works together to stop anything that threatens your web app's security. cPGuard provides unmatched protection against virus attacks, malware, network attacks and blocks bot attacks.

Advanced WAF rules and Captcha protection for CMS admins

ModSecurity rules from Malware Expert are based on intelligence gathered from real-world investigations, penetration tests and research data in the REAL LIFE environment

Generic Apache & PHP rules

Advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection for PHP websites and applications

CMS Vulnerability fix

Protect your WordPress, Joomla &Drupal website from attacks and vulnerabilities

Real-time Intrusion protection

Protect your web applications effectively against malware, botnets and hacker attacks

Easily manage all your servers
from one place

Protection on even the smallest server

cPGuard Security is the least resource-hungry malware scanner on the market.
Runs smoothly on a server with a single-core processor with 1 GB ram

cPGuard runs on any 64 bit Linux servers with Centos 7 or 8 running Plesk latest version

  • CentOS 7/Stream 8/9, RHEL 7/8/9, CloudLinux version 7/8/9, AlmaLinux 8/9, RockyLinux 8/9, Debian 10/11, Ubuntu 18.04/20.04/22.04 LTS
  • Support to tweak inotify in kernel
  • Apache mod_security 2.9.0 or higher
  • ipset
  • and optionally CSF

cPGuard has been tested on minimal resources and is running smoothly on many small client servers without any additional server overhead. We have designed cPGuard to consume the smallest amount of RAM and CPU resources. Our many clients have compared cPGuard with other products on the market and found our services are never on the list of most resource-consuming processes.

Yes, cPGuard’s scanner engine requires ClamAV version 100+ installed on the server. Since it is an essential package we have included it in our package as a dependency and will be installed along with cPGuard from additional source

cPGuard has been found to have no compatibility issues with other antivirus solutions. You can run any other security add-ons along with cPGuard without any hassle.