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cPGuard security addon for DirectAdmin is a lightweight, quick and powerful tool that makes life easy for web hosting companies. cPGuard provides unmatched protection against virus attacks, malware, network attacks and block bot attacks.
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Why cPGuard is the Ideal Choice for DirectAdmin Hosting

Create a truly integrated server environment where detection, protection, and reporting of security threats happen simultaneously and collaboratively.

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Empower Your DirectAdmin Hosting with Our Swift & Potent Security Solution

cPGuard security addon for DirectAdmin is a lightweight, quick and powerful tool that makes life easy for web hosting companies. Our multi-layer defense system works together to stop anything that threatens your web app's security. cPGuard provides unmatched protection against virus attacks, malware, network attacks and block bot attacks.

Get a Comprehensive Look at Cybersecurity: Explore the cPGuard Plugin for DirectAdmin

Discover how cPGuard empowers your hosting experience by providing effective protection against a spectrum of cyber threats. From real-time monitoring to adaptive threat detection, explore the intuitive interface that makes securing your DirectAdmin hosting environment both accessible and powerful. Elevate your understanding of cybersecurity as you navigate the features that set the cPGuard Plugin apart, ensuring a resilient defense for your online assets.

Scanner Log Collection

Step into the heart of your website's security with the Scanner Log page in the cPGuard Plugin. This dynamic feature provides a comprehensive record of security scans, offering transparency into the ongoing efforts to protect your hosting environment. Explore the intuitive interface to review detailed logs, track scan results, and gain insights into potential security threats. With a user-friendly design, this page empowers you to monitor and address security issues efficiently, ensuring a vigilant stance against malware, vulnerabilities, and other risks. Elevate your security management with the Scanner Log page, a central hub for understanding and optimizing your website's defense mechanisms.

waf Log Collection

WAF Logs serve as a comprehensive record of Web Application Firewall (WAF) activities, providing valuable insights into your website's protection against cyber threats. Explore the intuitive interface to review detailed logs, track security events, and gain a real-time understanding of the WAF's proactive measures. With this tool, you can effectively monitor and respond to potential threats, ensuring the robust security of your web applications. Elevate your website's protection with the WAF Logs page, a central hub for optimizing and fortifying your online presence.

Conducting Custom Scans with Comprehensive Results

Embark on a personalized security journey with our Custom Scanning feature, delivering an unparalleled level of protection for your online assets. This tool empowers you to tailor security scans according to your specific requirements, ensuring a targeted and efficient approach to threat detection. Uncover the nuances of your website's security landscape as the scan unfolds, providing you with comprehensive and detailed results. Elevate your security strategy and experience peace of mind knowing that your online assets are safeguarded with precision.

Customized Scanning Configurations with Whitelist and Blacklist Integration

Experience unparalleled control over your website's security with cPGuard's Customized Scanning Configurations featuring Whitelist and Blacklist Integration. Tailor your scanning parameters to align precisely with your unique requirements, allowing for a focused and efficient approach to threat detection. The integration of whitelists and blacklists adds an extra layer of customization, enabling you to define trusted and restricted entities. This fine-tuned security strategy ensures that your scans are not only comprehensive but also aligned with your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cPGuard compatible with control panels like DirectAdmin?

Yes, cPGuard is often compatible with popular control panels, including DirectAdmin. It can be seamlessly integrated to enhance the security of hosting environments managed by these control panels.
Supporting panels

  • cPanel
  • DirectAdmin
  • Plesk
  • Enhance
  • Webmin
  • Webuzo
  • Interwox
  • Runcloud
  • CWP

What is cPGuard for DirectAdmin, and how does it enhance server security?

cPGuard is a dedicated security solution designed for DirectAdmin servers. It provides advanced protection against a range of cyber threats, including malware, viruses, and security vulnerabilities. cPGuard employs real-time monitoring and proactive measures to secure your DirectAdmin hosting environment.

What are the cPGuard addons for DirectAdmin's system requirements?

cPGuard runs on any 64 bit Linux servers with Centos 7 or Stream 8/9 running DirectAdmin version 1.57 or higher

  • CentOS 7/Stream 8/9, RHEL 7/8/9, CloudLinux version 7/8/9, AlmaLinux 8/9, RockyLinux 8/9, Debian 10/11, Ubuntu 18.04/20.04/22.04 LTS
  • Support to tweak inotify in kernel
  • Apache mod_security 2.9.0 or higher
  • Custombuild 2.0
  • ipset
  • and optionally CSF

Is cPGuard compatible with all DirectAdmin server configurations?

Yes, cPGuard is designed to be compatible with a wide range of DirectAdmin server configurations. It seamlessly integrates with DirectAdmin, offering robust security without compromising server performance.

What types of security threats does cPGuard protect against in a DirectAdmin environment?

cPGuard offers protection against various threats, including malware, phishing attacks, brute-force attempts, and other security vulnerabilities. Its sophisticated detection mechanisms continuously monitor server activities to identify and neutralize potential threats.