cPGuard cybersecurity

Essential protection for your server

A lite version of cPGuard web app security suite for your Linux Web Application Servers

Malware Scanner

Fast & powerful anti virus for your server with infected file cleanup

cPGuard is designed to be a completely automatic defense on your web hosting server against malwares with its intelligent threat-detection, symbolic link, binary threats and suspicious pattern recognition.

cPGuard Lite Automated threat detection

Automated threat detection

Our scanner engine actively blocks malware threats in real-time, preventing them from executing and causing damage. It continuously monitors your system's files and directories for any modifications. When a file is created, modified, or deleted, the scanner analyzes it for potential threats and if a suspicious file is detected, It can quarantine it to prevent further infection or alert the user for further actions.

Out background services demand fewer resources and can run smoothly on the smallest of servers without affecting performance or slowing down the server.

cPGuard Lite Automatically clean infected files

Automatically clean infected files

Prevent website from going down by automatically cleaning virus injections from infected files, Wordpres, Joomla, Opencart and other CMS core files.

After isolating the infected file, the cleanup logic attempts to automatically clean or remove the malicious code from the file. This process involves eliminating or neutralizing the components of the code that are identified as harmful.

cPGuard Lite Custom scans and Reports

Custom scans and Reports

Easily start manual scans and view detailed reports and virus descriptions in the cPGUard Lite Manual scan Reports page. Ensure no file was skipped by automatically rechecking files modified in the last 24 hours/week or run manual scans.

cPGuard Lite A Feature-Rich CLI at Your Command

A Feature-Rich CLI at Your Command

Unlock unparalleled control with the feature-rich command line interface (CLI) that puts total functionality at your fingertips. This comprehensive CLI mirrors the extensive capabilities of the graphical user interface, empowering you to manage every aspect of your security seamlessly from the command line.

  • Effortlessly initiate scans: Launch full or targeted scans with simple commands
  • Access and analyze scan results directly in the terminal, gaining immediate insights into detected threats and vulnerabilities
  • Customize infected file actions, manage watchlists, control scanner settings, whitelists and blacklists

Experience the unparalleled efficiency and flexibility that comes with command-line mastery.

IPDB abusive IP blacklist

A real-time list of IP addresses that have been flagged for engaging in malicious or harmful activity like Web attacks, Brute-force, Spamming, DDoS attacks, Port scanning, Malware distribution etc. It efficiently blocks IP addresses using IPset, a Linux kernel feature for managing IP address sets, enabling fast and resource-efficient blocking.

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cPGuard Lite Realtime, Collective intelligence

Realtime, Collective intelligence

The IP blacklist leverages the strength of attack data from servers, input from our partners and 3rd parties. Our algorithms dynamically generate a real-time list of abusive IPs, scoring them based on various parameters and refining to prevent false positives. This ensures a smooth experience for legitimate users while actively mitigating potential risks from malicious actors.

cPGuard Lite Drastically reduce server load

Drastically reduce server load

The list acts as a pre-emptive scanner, instantly recognizing known bots, attackers & troublemakers and dropping connection with ipset/iptables at a system level, way before it reaches the web server. This proactive approach helps prevent unauthorized access attempts, DoS attacks, and other malicious activities that could otherwise place a significant burden on server resources.

cPGuard Lite Custom Geo-blocking and country whitelist

Custom Geo-blocking and country whitelist

IPDB lets you tweak the block list by whitelisting custom IPs and countries and also has options to block entire countries. Geo-blocking can be a part of a security strategy to mitigate fraud and cyberattacks or to manage server load and ensure optimal performance for users in target regions. Blocking access from known high-risk or suspicious regions can help protect against various online threats.

Seamless Rebranding & Customization

With built-in customization and branding features, effortlessly craft an alluring package to present as your own. Elevate your identity with ease, showcasing a security solution tailored to your unique brand..

DNSBL IP Reputation Check

Automatic RBL monitoring checks the server IPs against the realtime DNS based blacklists (DNSBL) and notifies the admin of blacklisted IP addresses.

Being listed on a mail blacklist often results in emails sent from the affected IP being marked as spam or rejected by email servers. This can significantly impact the deliverability of legitimate emails.

cPGuard lite as ClamAV alternative

cPGuard is a commercial antivirus software that is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It uses a combination of signature-based detection and real-time scanning to protect your web hosting server from malware.

  • Type

    Open-source antivirus engine

    Commercial antivirus software

  • Cost



  • Resource usage



  • Virus definitions


    Additional propriortary logic

  • Real-time scanning



  • Autoclean infected files



  • Additional features


    IPDBFirewall, IP reputation

Quick setup on popular platforms

Puts you in control by offering support for all major Linux distributions & control panels empowering you to choose the perfect fit.

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