Now available for StandAlone 64bit Linux web application servers

Our Light, fast yet powerful immune system is now available for all compatible Linux web application servers with or without a control panel

cPGuard is more than just an antivirus. It is a complete security package for your web apps

cPGuard security is a lightweight, quick and powerful tool that makes life easy for web hosting companies. Our multi-layer defense system works together to stop anything that threatens your web app's security. cPGuard provides unmatched protection against virus attacks, malware, and network attacks and blocks bot attacks.

StandAlone Integration

cPGuard StandAlone is convenient for web servers of any size. It is simple to set up and install cPGuard modules on a server with fewer dependencies. You can follow the steps here to start the installation.

System Requirements

  • CentOS 7/Stream 8/9, RHEL 7/8/9, CloudLinux version 7/8/9, AlmaLinux 8/9, RockyLinux 8/9, Debian 10/11, Ubuntu 18.04/20.04/22.04 LTS
  • Support to tweak inotify in kernel
  • Web/WAF server - Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, OpenLiteSpeed
  • ModSecurity 2.9.4 or higher required for WAF
  • IPSET and CSF (recommended)
  • Custom scripts/json file inputs for domain/user information
  • Easy to install

    Quick, assisted installation which is the simplest when compared to the competition.

  • Easy to configure

    Command line options to reconfigure the settings and update configuration file changes to cPGuard settings.

  • Centralized user interface

    You can review cPGuard related logs, start a scan, update the configuration and more from a single window without login on to individual server control panels.

  • Unattended install options

    Options to quickly deploy cPGuard on multiple servers with similar configurations and settings without any user interaction during installation.

  • Effortless control panel integration

    Thanks to its profile-based approach and requirement of basic server/client information, new profiles can be created for any control panel with ease.

Easily add support for more and more control panels via simple DIY scripts, hooks and profiles

Our profile/driver kind of approach towards control panels and webservers makes it possible to adopt new control panels with much ease and in a shorter time frame. We are adding open, customizable scripts for more and more control panels based on customer request. We have currently added support for these following control panels.

cPGuard Security on Webmin control panel
cPGuard Security on Webuzo  control panel
cPGuard Security on Webuzo  control panel
cPGuard Security on Webuzo  control panel

Learn more about installing cPGuard on standalone servers and customizing for your control panel

Protection on even the smallest server

cPGuard Security is the least resource-hungry malware scanner on the market.
Runs smoothly on a server with a single-core processor with 1 GB ram

cPGuard has been tested on minimal resources and is running smoothly on many small client servers without any additional server overhead. We have designed cPGuard to consume the smallest amount of RAM and CPU resources. Our many clients have compared cPGuard with other products on the market and found our services are never on the list of most resource-consuming processes.

cPGuard has been found to have no compatibility issues with other antivirus solutions. You can run any other security add-ons along with cPGuard without any hassle.

cPGuard Standalone will work fine on all supported Linux OS with supported Web Servers. Installation is simple and you may need to input server configurations and other details during installation.

No, cPGuard does not install ModSecurity on your server. You need to install ModSecurity 2.9.4+ along with your Web Server

cPGuard is a Web Security Suite and it does not monitor other system/application services. So it is recommended to install another firewall IPS/IDS [ CSF is recommended ] along with cPGuard.