Secure websites on Control Web Panel / CWP Server with cPGuard security.

As a web security suite, cPGuard can protect your Control Web Panel / CWP Server using its modules that operate in various layers. The installation and configuration are simple and driven through cPGuard Standalone configuration options.

Introducing Our Swift and Mighty Immune System for Unmatched Protection!

Elevate your web hosting experience with cPGuard, a security addon that effortlessly combines speed and power. Designed with web hosting companies in mind, our lightweight yet robust tool features a multi-layer defense system. This dynamic synergy works tirelessly to thwart any threats to your web app's security, offering unparalleled protection against viruses, malware, network attacks, and effectively blocking bot attacks. Trust cPGuard to make safeguarding your digital assets easy and efficient.

Robust Security Measures

cPGuard stands out with its comprehensive security features, ensuring that your web hosting environment is safeguarded against a myriad of threats.

Customizable Security Policies

Tailor security policies to your specific needs with cPGuard. This flexibility allows startups to adapt security measures based on different project requirements and scenarios.

Real-time Threat Detection

Stay ahead of potential risks with cPGuard's real-time threat detection capabilities. Startups can learn to proactively manage and mitigate security threats effectively.

Regular Updates and Support

cPGuard ensures ongoing support and updates, keeping Startups abreast of the latest security measures and best practices in the ever-evolving landscape of web hosting security.

cPGuard, a comprehensive web security suite, fortifies your Control Web Panel / CWP with its versatile modules operating across different layers. The installation and configuration are effortlessly executed through user-friendly cPGuard Standalone options. Secure your server now with cPGuard.

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Commercial WAF rules for Webhosting

Malware Expert's ModSecurity rules are crafted from real-world insights, derived from thorough investigations, penetration tests, and research data in live environments, ensuring robust and informed protection.

Optimized ModSecurity rules

Rules-based on intelligence gathered from real-world investigations, penetration tests and research data

CMS Vulnerability fix

Protect your WordPress, Joomla &Drupal website from attacks and vulnerabilities

Generic Apache & PHP rules

Advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection for PHP websites and applications

Real-time Intrusion protection

Protect your web applications effectively against malware, botnets and hacker attacks at all

Central dashboard

Centralize server control and monitoring in one place.

Effortlessly oversee and navigate servers in a unified interface. Seamlessly switch between servers, access details, reports, events, and perform bulk actions. Simplify server sharing and management for enhanced collaboration.

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Discover the ease of cPGuard installation and usage in our user-friendly FAQ section. Tailored for both beginners and seasoned users, find clear answers guiding you through installation and addressing usage queries. Dive in to streamline your cPGuard experience, ensuring a seamless and secure journey. Your peace of mind is our priority—we're here to support you at every step!

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