Meet Our Team

OPSSHIELD is a young and reverberant venture focused on developing new software and plugins to support Linux Webhosting Servers.

About us

We have a small but talented and experienced team of professionals who have been working under many of the major hosting/support/development companies. Our team has closely known each other for years which helps us to sync our act and thinking. Our products are the ideas and dreams of our members made true.

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Who we are

Established in 2016, OPSSHIELD is a dynamic and energetic venture dedicated to crafting innovative software and plugins to enhance support for Linux Webhosting Servers.

Our Mission

Security is no longer an optional expense for any hosting business but a strategic investment for smarter business. Make your security investment in such a way to support your business goals. “Does upgrading your security process make sense to you so that you can reap more from your business?” Our company has proven its capability to deliver high-quality, result-oriented, efficient server security solutions.

Our Vision

OPSSHIELD is committed to delivering products and services free of defects. We aim to deliver quality support to our customers with the help of friendly communication, Teamwork and using our expertise so that we can meet the client’s requirements and needs within the shortest time possible. We make sure our clients are served with the best available technical solutions.

Dedicated to
aiding customers

Listening to our client's demands, and understanding their needs is always a pleasure for us. We are committed to providing good quality solutions and making the customers say “they are more worthy than the money we pay them”. We always keep a healthy communication link with our customers which will make them feel better and relaxed even during the most stressful or complex issues.