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Data and security

The Portal is designed to store minimal information of your servers in our cloud. All of cPGuard logs, priveleged information related to domains, users etc are stored locally and fetched using APIs when you open the App portal. The service accepting the API requests from the cloud runs as a normal user and accepts only pre-defined procedures to run only cPGuard defined operations with controlled privileges. Also, the UI is restricted to be accesses only by the license owner and additional users they assign access to. No one at OPSSHIELD do not have access to your UI until you grant it via the support option for assistance and troubleshooting purposes.

What all we store in App Portal

The backend of App Portal is designed to store only limited information regarding client servers to make it less complex and to adhere to the privacy rules. The information we store includes the server’s primary IP address, Hostname, Operating System, Control Panel name, and various attack and block counts. Since we enable single-sign on, the customer details are mapped with our billing system which is hosted separately.

What we do not store

We do not store any logs in the portal including the domain names, additional IPs, or other sensitive information including client IPs, browser information, stats, and logs. All relevant information will request and load on demand using the agent service on the server.

That said, the portal is designed to store only limited information and keep restricted privileges on the servers. If you need any further clarification regarding this, please feel free to reach us. 

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