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Migrate license to a new server or IP Address

The cPGuard License key is locked to your server IP address or list of IP addresses based on your license package. You can change the associated server/IP Address with a license any time following the given below steps.

1. If you are migrating the license to a new server, uninstall cPGuard from the old server. If the old server is already taken down, you can ignore this step. You can also ignore this step if you are just switching the main IP address of the server.

2. Re-issue the license key. Please refer to this article   to get detailed information about license re-issue

3. Apply the license key using the following command.

cpgcli license --key LICENSE-KEY

Once the license key is applied successfully, the license key will be applicable for your new server/IP address.


If you change the server’s main IP address without following the above instruction, cPGuard will stop working with a license error status. 

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