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Migrating cPGuard V3 to V4

From July 01 2022, we recommend all new and existing servers to switch to cPGuard version 4 which is the complete revamp of the software. We have rewritten hundreds of thousands of lines of code during the development of the new version as the workflow is completely changed now. Our main agenda with the software redesign is to make things more lightweight and efficient, support more platforms and introduce new features with the new code methods. 

What is new in cPGuard V4

We are not introducing more features with the new version, but we have ensured that V4 works much better and more efficiently compared to V3. We also hope to add more features very soon to the software suite with its modular less platform-independent design. Some of the major improvements in the new version include

  • Faster scanner
  • Centralized server management through the App Portal
  • User management
  • Server overview reports
  • Modern and user-friendly UI
  • Detailed health checks for each module
  • etc

How to upgrade to the new version from V3

Very soon we will force upgrade all existing servers from V3 to V4. Until we enforce the upgrade, you can manually upgrade your servers to V4 using the following command.

cd /usr/local/src && rm -f && curl -o -L && bash

Please note that it may take some time to finish the data import based on how big the data is in V3. So we recommend you to run the command in a screen session to avoid a broken upgrade. 


1. If you get a timeout error in App Portal while you try to open the dashboard of your server, it is because the Portal cannot connect to the agent service running on port 9098 on your server. Please refer this article and make sure that our IP addresses are whitelisted on your server/firewall.

2. If you cannot see your migrated server in the App Portal, please run the following command and that will fix the issue mostly.

cpgcli license --key LICENSE-KEY

3. A0 – Unable to access cPGuard agent running on your server 

If you are getting the above error in your dashboard… first of all, make sure that our IP addresses are properly whitelisted on your server and network firewall, and TCP connection on port 9098 is allowed from them. If that is set up properly, try to apply the license key again using the above command ( cpgcli license –key LICENCE-KEY  )  and that will mostly fix this error.

At any point, if you need any assistance with the migration please feel free to contact our support tea. We will help you to ensure that your server is migrated without any error to V4. 

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