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Import and export cPGuard configuration

For a server administrator who is managing multiple servers, it is essential to keep unique configuration for software on all servers in same kind. To accomplish this, cPGuard provides an option to export and import cPGuard configuration settings.

How to export and import the cPGuard configuration?

The export and import management is done through CLI ( cpgcli ) and there is no option in the UI to do it. You can run the command “cpgcli config –help” to get the CLI usage details

# cpgcli config --help

config           Export and import cPGuard settings. Exported settings can be imported on another server for a common or easy setup across servers

    Default:                             View all current configuration


        --show                           View all current configuration
        --export filename                Export cPGuard settings to a file. If the file name is not provided, the file created in the working directory
        --import 'filename or url'       Import settings file. You can specify a URL for automation and easily set up multiple servers
How to export the configuration?

You may use the following command to export your cPGuard configuration

Note: Here you can optionally give a file path to export the configuration. The default location of the configuration file is /opt/cpguard/tmp/config.ini

cpgcli config --export
How to import the configuration?

You can use the following command to import the cPGuard configuration.

Note: make sure to replace ‘file path’ with the actual file location on the local server or a URL where you keep the exported configuration

cpgcli config  --import 'file path'
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