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Start manual files scan

cPGuard provides an option to initiate a manual scan on your server against a specific directory or for whole pubic files [ ALL ]. The scan options are explained below. 

  • ALL public files:- This will scan all files within the document root of all websites on your server. Please note that whitelisted users are excluded from this scan.
  • A specific directory that you can enter manually.
  • Specific DocRoot from the drop-down.

These options provide you the flexibility to scan the exact path that you wish to scan. 

Note :- Please note that cPGuard is Web Security Suite and the scanner engine is designed to scan web-related files specifically. So it is recommended to start a manual scan against web-specific files to avoid false reports.


Start a scan from the UI

To start a scan from the App portal, go to cPGuard >> Virus Scanner >> Manual Scans. This option will help you to initiate a manual scan on your server. There you can find an option to start a scan against different targets.

Start  a scan using CLI

You can also start a scan against various targets using the cpgcli command line utility. Please find the different options below.

    scan             Start a manual scan
                      --all | --daily | --weekly | --path  directory

So to start a manual scan against all files, use the following command.  

cpgcli scan --all
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