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Manage License

You can easily manage cPGuard licenses on your server using the following commands. These commands can be used while upgrading a trial license or for troubleshooting license related issues on cPGuard.

You will need to reissue your license if there is an IP address change or wish to use a license on another server. Read this article for additional information

Adding License

You can use the following command to apply a new license key on your server. The license key will be verified at our billing and licensing server. Upon verification, the license will be saved on the server and the server will be attached to your OPSSHIELD user account. 

cpgcli license --key LICENSE-KEY

License status

To know the status of the license already applied on the server, use the following command

cpgcli license --status

Renew license data

You can use the following command to renew license data after the license was unsuspended or in other similar cases

cpgcli license --renew

Remove license

The following command will remove the license from the cPGuard server and also remove the server and it data from the App Portal

cpgcli license --remove
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