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How to install cPGuard Lite on Interworx server

What is cPGuard Lite and how it differs from cPGuard complete suite

cPGuard Lite is the mini version of the cPGuard Web Security Suite and it contains basic functions to mitigate attacks and proactively block attack attempts. The modules included in cPGuard Lite are given below

  1. Scanner Engine:- Powered with the cPGuard automatic, scheduled, and manual scanner engine you will have the best malware scanner on your web server
  2. IPDB Firewall:- The IPDB Distributed Firewall is an industry-leading solution to share the knowledge of attack sources between servers and block bad traffic and attacks in the system firewall.
  3. IP Reputation Check:- Using the regular reputation check option, you can be aware of the email delivery difficulties and related issues.
  4. File Cleanup:- To avoid breaking websites, we can clean files, restore core CMS files from the original source, and helps to reduce admin efforts to keep websites up and running

You can check the detailed comparison between cPGuard Security Suite and cPGuard Lite here  

How cPGuard Lite is beneficial for you

cPGuard Lite has very powerful modules to detect, alert, and block attacks against your servers. So if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to secure your server ( secure cPanel server, secure Plesk server, secure DirectAdmin server ) cPGurd Lite is the best choice…it can keep your license cost minimal and yet provide the best protection level. If you can afford the cPGuard Web Security suite, we recommend you to upgrade to it as it has much more modules to offer better attack mitigation.

How to install cPGuard Lite on Interworx Server

You may use the following command to install cPGuard Lite on your server. Make sure to replace LICENCE-KEY in the command with your license key

cd /usr/local/src && rm -f && curl -o -L && bash LICENSE-KEY
How to manage cPGuard Lite

cPGuard Lite does not bind to our App Portal and thus has to manage and maintain locally. We have an administrator-level plugin developed for cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Interworx. You also have the CLI to manage settings, scans, notifications, etc.

How to try cPGuard Lite 

You may purchase a TRIAL license from our website and enjoy cPGuard Lite for 30 days without any charges. You will full features, updates, and support during the trial period. 

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